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                        In pics: Xuan paper in east China's Anhui

                        //www.guangxinsz.cn  Author:  Source:xinhua  Editor:Yang Fan  2020-05-18 09:14:52

                        A worker of the China Xuan Paper Co., Ltd. examines the quality of Xuan paper in Jingxian County, east China's Anhui Province, May 11, 2020. Xuan paper is a type of handmade paper known for its smooth surface and its ability to absorb water and moisten ink. It is originally produced in ancient China and used for both Chinese calligraphy and paintings. The traditional process of making Xuan paper, which involves over 100 steps, has been a UNESCO world intangible cultural heritage since 2009 and is still kept alive in Jingxian County to this day. (Xinhua/Han Xiaoyu)

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