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                        Development of music in Harbin---Western Music
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                        Summer of Harbin concert. The "Summer of Harbin" Concert, “Spring of Shanghai” Concert and “Yangcheng Music Flower Show” are the big three music festivals. Harbin lies in the most northern part of China and is a unique city with traditional culture. With many foreign migrants coming to the city in early times, western music culture also came to Harbin.

                        The Harbin Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1908 and is the first Symphony Orchestra in China. Russian nationals (Belarus) in Harbin set up the first symphony Orchestra in China “Harbin Dong Qing Railway Administration Symphony Orchestra” in April 1908 and it became The Harbin Symphony Orchestra. Now the symphony orchestra which is made up of around 80 excellent performers represents the musical development level of Heilongjiang.

                        From August 29th, 2009 to September 5th, as the envoy of friendship of 9.9 million locals in Harbin, the Orchestra with a delegation of the Harbin Municipal Government has been to the Concert Hall in Aarhus, Denmark, Austria Vienna Golden Hall, and Athens, Greece National Theater Opera Hall, respectively, for a friendly visit and performance.

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