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                        History of music in the early times of Harbin (1898涓€锛?931)
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                        銆€銆€In 1898, at the same time as the construction of Zhongdong Railway, the first culture and amusement center in history---“Zhongdong Railway Zong Gong Chang Club” offered thousands of railway personnel a fixed place for leisure activities. Musical activities of Harbin were also held here.

                        銆€銆€In June, 1903, Russian noble Hilkov opened the first commercial European theatre in the history of Harbin at “Harbin Park” (currently Zhaolin Park) --- Hilkov Theatre.

                        銆€銆€In 1907, thousands of workers and Harbin locals held the first celebration activity for “May 1st” International Labor Day in China. It is recorded that Chinese and Russian workers were singing and dancing, showing jubilant scenes at that time.

                        銆€銆€In 1908, “Orient” (Now known as the Peace Cinema in Nangang District) and other cinemas appeared in Harbin. They not only broadened the horizon of people through films but also offered ideal performance for music groups.

                        銆€銆€On June 17th, 1909, City Public Assembly held an official concert. It was a preference and desire to listen to elegant music for the upper class of Harbin.

                        銆€銆€On December 9th, 1909, “Huisakuo” Troupe held the first European comprehensive concert in Harbin and performed “Sad Tsang Symphony” of Tchaikovsky, Russian musician and Borodin's symphonic music painting "in the steppes of Central Asia".

                        銆€銆€In August 1926, the Harbin Radio Station invited Harbin Symphony Orchestra to perform in its exhibition broadcasting experimental programs. Harbin Radio Station cooperated closely with more audiences to appreciate the charm of western music and accelerate western music’s dissemination, popularization and development in Harbin.

                        銆€銆€In 1931, the foundation of Harbin Glazunov Senior Music School took the musical education of Harbin to a higher level. It provides a well-trained force for development of music.

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